About Us


About Us 

Datting online is a foremost and fast growing dating service network in Delhi and India. We are into matching VIP ladies with professionally trained young and matured boys for romantic relationships.

We understand that due to nature of job of some women or their husband they are deprived of sexual satisfaction and companionship.  We therefore afford you the opportunity to get romantic satisfaction without throwing your relationship or work into jeopardy. Our Services are steered towards your romantic satisfaction and privacy protection.

Our network is made up of highly trained and professional gigolos who have had their gigolo skills fine-tuned and honed for your comfort and companionship.

Our clients include diplomats, bankers, professional teachers, doctors, nurses, students,lawyers, housewives, tourists and women across all spheres who are lonely and want male companionship without the risk of having their escapades leaking.

Our gigolos will ride you to climax with passionate and long-lasting romance and sex.

You will always get wet at the thought of our gigolos after the first encounter.

We offer 100% and iron clad privacy and non-disclosure policy.

We don’t ask for any confidential information and our male escorts are trained to satisfy you without abusing your privacy.

Whatever you are seeking for in male companionship, we have.  

Our services are available 24/7 and can be ordered anytime and from anywhere in the world.

We are committed to your passion.