5 Things to Make Women Crave for on Adult Dating

The art of seduction is not new in India. It traversed through the ages of Kama Sutra and made its way in our urban life.

However, the centerstage has changed in this urban legend.

Men has grabbed all the attention from their traditional female counterpart and started mesmerizing urban women with the art of seduction. But unlike Mohiniattam these days it’s not that dramatic but based on more tactical approach.

To make her experience ecstasy, make sure to practice these, and you will be the next blockbuster. Trust me! It’s true.

Give her space

We all need some space of our own.

And she does too; but she may miss that space with her boy friend or husband; and that’s why she is with you on Adult Dating .

Understand— all relations are practiced under certain terms and conditions. Very harsh to accept but that’s what the truth is.

Give her that space where she goes free; a space where she can unveil herself; a liberty to act bold she always fantasized; a time when she can be what she always wanted to be—both carefree and a little careless.

Let her rediscover herself in a new light. Show her, that you’re the one that comes to her most naturally.

Connect with her psyche

The most important aspect is to understand why she is here.

First try to connect with her through an intense conversation. It helps her open up. Make her feel comfortable with you. Be the absorbent of all her frustration.

That way you can win her. Once you know what she needs, you can start reveal your cards. Make her spend quality time with you.

Exchange ideas on topics of her interest. Try and understand which sort of woman you’re hooked up with. That way she would enjoy your company far better.

Pamper her emotions

This is the gateway to satisfy her needs while she take a Support of Adult Dating .

Sex is not everything. Most women need an emotional touch from their male partners. And on this parameter (no offence guys) we fail miserably most of the time if not always.

However, not all your clients will be emotionally brittle but most of them are. As a service provider you need to ensure her emotional security. You need to be tolerant towards her feelings.

Remember, women always like to be praised, cared, and emotionally pampered.

That’s the way they like it. But be careful. Don’t get too personal unless she shows any signs of emotional starvation. Business women or C-suit corporate executives generally don’t need to be emotionally spoiled but a lonely housewife may be the one to be treated emotionally

No set rules there guys! Just handle it smartly.

Be the alpha male

Only one advice: don’t rush.

You need to calm yourself down to tame her. Remember you need to spark that flicker in her. It’s you to lead. Give her satisfaction she never experienced before.

Remember you’re the one to drive and direct. So, you need to be in control of the situation. That way you will satisfy her more; prefer not to get driven.

Foreplay is the best part of the act, women enjoy the most. By foreplay, I don’t mean cuddling or kissing alone. Foreplay can be fun. Some women like to be teased intellectually; some prefer jokes, some even like a little dance. Make sure she enjoys every moment she spends with you.

Feed her needs

Once she attains her ecstasy it’s time to make her feel that she’s the most adorable woman you’ve ever spent time. Whisper in her ears a few beautiful words she finds very touching.

Remember, it’s a few moments you’re gifting her. So, make it one of your best hookups. And I promise she will meet you soon after.