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Privacy Policy

We at respect the privacy of our visitors to our site. We simply value visitors at our site and thus are committed to safeguarding their privacy, as well as protecting the details we usually receive and maintain about them. Remember, we at don’t sell information about our users to others. Here in this electronic document, we are going to explain how we may use information our users supply us through website Hence, you are requested to read this privacy policy to the end before browsing through our services. If you have something special in your mind, you can visit at contact us to send us your query.

What Types of Information Collects from Its Users?

When you visit at, you can find that there are two options available to go with – one for women seeking men and second for boys who are looking for high-paying male escort job. So, whether you want to avail gigolo services or want to be a call boy to earn money, you first need to go through the registration process on the site. Here, you need to provide your certain information such as your name, email addresses and contact number. Now, we may use this information provide you refined male escort services. Moreover, if you are a woman looking for call boy for erotic services online, you also need to provide specific information about you. Here, you need to remember that we simply collect your information to improve our services.

Apart from direct information gather from your side, we also concentrate on collecting data out of your browsing experience. We have cookies and other options that can collect your behavioral data on our website. The main objective behind collecting information from our users is to help them finding most refined services. For instance, if you are looking for a call boy in Delhi, we can help you producing adequate profiles of the particular area in Delhi. Moreover, we don’t sell information to third-party companies. We are really conscious about the security and safety of our users online.

Links and Offers Provided by Third Party Companies

When you visit at, you may find links that can redirect you towards a new website. Here, you need to remember that we at won’t be responsible for your behavior and activities on that particular site. We will have no responsibility and control over the third-party websites. So, when you decide to visit a new third party site by clicking on link on our website, you should be liable for everything that you do or receive on that site.

There could be various advertisers or other third party companies that may offer different types of services or products at our website. But we at will not be responsible for their offers or features. We will have no legal liability or guarantee about their claims or offerings. We simply recommend you visiting at a new site or choosing an offers or service of other company or site would be your own responsibility. We at will not be responsible for anything at a third-party site. So, when you visit at, you will automatically responsible for your behavior.

Use of Information and Disclosure

As already mentioned above that we at receive and collect information and other data from our users or site visitors, we may use it for different purposes. However, we may use your particular information and details to enhance your experience at our site, but we don’t compromise with your confidential financial information. We don’t share your financial or other confidential information with any other third-party company or website.

We may also use existing information to help our advertisers to discover their right audience. We may use your information to help our partners to understand audience or user group so that they can offer our users services or products accordingly. However, it is true that we may share your certain information with advertisers or our partners, but it doesn’t mean that we will compromise with your confidential financial information. We at never share specific financial information such as credit cards details or bank details to anyone. Even we don’t collect and store confidential financial information of our users at our site or server. We only collect and store communication details or contact information of our users.

Changes to Privacy Policy

However, we tried to included everything to this electronic document i.e. privacy policy, but still there could be changes possible. There could be possible that we may change or update our privacy policy at any point of time even without sending you notification. So, you are requested to keep visiting at this page to know about current privacy policy. It is the section where we at will make changes. So, if you want to witness the latest changes to our privacy policy, you need to check out this section.