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By visiting at DattingOnline.com, you accept the terms and conditions of this user or visitor agreement. When you visit at dattingonline.com, you will automatically liable to accept its official terms of use. Thus, before you start browsing through our website or using its features, you first need to have a detailed look at this user agreement. This user or visitor agreement may be changed time to time according to new policies and legal rules.

Visitor Agreement

Whatever content you find or browse through on dattingonline.com is only for information purpose. We at DattingOnline.com don’t claim or guarantee you for any specific service. For instance, dattingonlie.com is a platform that can be joined by boys to become a gigolo to make money. But we will not guarantee you for making real money. On the other hand, if you are a woman looking for hot boys for male escort services in your city, we can only provide you access to profiles of call boys, but we won’t be legally responsible for their activities or other behavior. We at Dattingonline.com here only to help our visitors to find out desired services. We are here to guarantee for anything. We neither guarantee you for making big working as a call boy nor finding a genuine male escort online.

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Whether you want to avail male escort services or want to be a call boy, you will first need to create an account on dattingonline.com. When you decide to create an account on this website, you will legally be obliged to responsible for your activities on site. We at DattingOnline.com will not be responsible for anything that you may do on dattingonline.com. So, before creating account on dattingonline.com, you should understand the fact that you will be agreeing to our terms of use or terms and conditions.

However, it is true that you can create an account and use our paid services, but it doesn’t mean that you may do anything wrong or illegal at our site. Whenever we at dattingonline.com notice anything against our terms and conditions, we will legally be authorized to terminate your account at any point of time. We will not be responsible for repaying you money or fee in case of account termination. This electronic document here clarifies that your account will be terminated in case of being used for illegal activities. So, whenever we find anyone doing activities against our specific policies and terms of use, we will be officially authorized to terminate the account.

Terms of Use for Applying Call Boy or Gigolo Jobs

If you are going to join dattingonline.com to become a call boy or gigolo, you first need to know about our terms of use. Our terms of services simply authorize you to create account and pay for becoming a gigolo job. But we at dattingonline.com will not be responsible for or guarantee you for finding high-paying call boy jobs online. Here, you need to remember that you can easily apply for becoming a male escort at dattingonline.com, but you should also be ready to submit specific fees for the same. In case of cancelling your membership, we at dattingonline.com will not be responsible to refund you.

Since there is no refund policy, you should first check out our services. We at dattingonline.com will not claim that you can make big money working as a male escort online. Instead, we are here just to assist you becoming a call boy in your respective city. We can only provide you access to your female members. It may be possible that they may avail your services or they may not. So, in such a case, we at dattingonline.com will not be responsible to refund your money or membership fee.

Terms of Use for Women Seeking Men

If you are a woman seeking men online for adult entertainment, you should understand that you will be responsible for your choice on dattingonline.com. We at dattingonline.com will not be responsible for your choice of choosing a call boy for sexual services. We will not be legally bound to guarantee you about gigolos, play boys, call boys, and male escorts registered at dattingonline.com. So, whatever you do on dattingonline.com, you will be legally responsible for each of your act. We at dattingonline.com will not take responsibility for anything you do online.


Apart from aforesaid terms and conditions, there are various miscellaneous terms of use available. You are advised that you should deeply go through our privacy policy, terms and use and other disclaimer pages. We at dattingonline.com don’t want to hide anything from our users or membership such as you. So, it is highly advised that before creating an account on dattingonline.com, you first need to check out our terms of use. For instance, once you create account and pay for becoming a call boy to make money online, you will not be able to legally claim refund for the same.